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Brian Sneeden and Thomas Butler started Asheville Vaudeville with a series of shows at the BeBe Theatre in 2009. These shows shone the spotlight on some of the creative performers in Asheville, from musicians, jugglers, acrobats, and magicians to puppeteers, comedians, aerialists, actors, dancers, and yet more. The shows were popular and the performers were able to network and collaborate on pieces that blended different genres of performance.

I truly believe Asheville Vaudeville has been one of the key ingredients in keeping Asheville weird, unique, and refreshingly different from other towns. This is not homogenized pap; it is hand-crafted entertainment from folks with distinct styles of performance, up close and personal. – Jim Julien, from an interview on AshevilleGrit

Right around the time that Brian and Thomas went on to new adventures, some of the folks from Forty Fingers & a Missing Tooth and The Runaway Circus were busy building the groundwork for Toy Boat Community Art Space. This performance space is a great fit for this dynamic group of performers and a show that is very much in the spirit of vaudeville shows of the past.


12747466_1149641058394250_2682466162357108237_oToy Boat Community Art Space

Visit their website!

Bookings: (484)678-1761

Circus School: (314)795-7232

Rehearsal Space: (828)332-1021

Email – [email protected]

Location – 101 Fairview Road, Asheville NC 28803